Agora Studio – Software solution

AGORA Studio is a complete solution software for the management of an effective dynamic display communication with the computing tools from today. With exceptional potentialities of communication for companies, AGORA Studio allows to administer and to diffuse real time any information about several sites of distribution equipped with AGORA vision, thus to manage the distribution of sequences organized and planned in time and space.

With an extreme simplicity of management, accessible for all, AGORA STUDIO is the ultimate solution to manage the “multimedia” information with a unique wealth of effects. In front of modern needs of communication, AGORA studio stands out as the friendliest of the software of administration of information pluri-media. With AGORA Studio you provide the maximum impact to your dynamic display applications, thanks to high quality animations from which you control the contents and the time forecast.

The program’s specificity is to manage the horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portray) display on any supports such as plasma or LCD monitors. AGORA studio was developed upon users’ real needs, worried about ability to react and trying to optimize their broadcasting network (interactive terminals, plasma screens) by release itself from external processes of creation and from material constraints associated to broadcasting.

Create, broadcast, display your multimedia animations on your communication networks.

Agora Studio was conceived to help you to enhance your communication with your customers, employees or visitors. It is the ideal solution to create and broadcast multimedia messages towards an unlimited number of display platforms.

Create, imagine Agora studio, the creation tool

AGORA Studio allows you to realize easily dynamic presentations or rich media animations. Thanks to its clear and intuitive interface insuring a fast control, you imagine and create yourself your multimedia contents without any help from anyone then, at once, you broadcast great reactivity. You can display for example very easily the text, insert images, videos or sounds and play for each of them on the multiple effects of transition among those which are proposed to you.

The AGORA Studio’s interface is structured around two main elements, on the left side the window of the commands and on the right side the space allowed for the sequence. Conceived and developed in the manner of an intuitive use, the application leans on a simple principle of successive chains of commands, each of these authorize to the next step. With Agora Studio, you realize very simply dynamic messages constituted by fixed or live images, of video and sound.

Fields of application:

  • Company dynamic news
  • Advertising
  • On-line diary
  • Programs
  • Information

Places of application:

  • POS
  • Information booths
  • Main halls, lobbies
  • Conference
  • Convention centers
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Banks
  • Hotels, etc…